Lion King

So I went to see the theatre interpretation of the Lion King Movie that was released by Disney quite a number of years back.
I’ll cut to the chase, the whole production was more than I expected and better than I thought it would be.

We almost missed the start of the show to which anyone who knows the Lion King is one of the most important bits, because we were running late from dinner, which I might add was fantastic not only the food but the service. We were asked if we were to see a show tonight and what time we expected to be there. I think that based on this answer that we gave they adjusted their service to suit, which I thought was a great touch and tipped accordingly.

But back to the show. The costumes, weird at first, were great in the end and really added to the characters that they were portraying.
And the adaptation was great, most parts were word for word from the movie ( I know I shouldn’t know that but I do) and there were some bits that were added that didn’t make sense, but didn’t detract from the show.

All in all it was still extremely enjoyable and the only other way that I could describe it is by saying that I would defiantly go to see it again.
Hopefully in London if it is still playing there.