Metrosexual man bows to red-blooded übersexuals

When are people going to learn not to listen to the media and marketing companies to sell products, because that’s all that they do.
Look what the metrosexual craze did, it just sold more clothes and skin care products for men.
Correct me if i’m wrong but women didn’t actually like the metrosexual, it was only men that like him.

The metrosexual might have already existed but the media machine made him public, essentially there was nothing different about him, he was just a guy who wore nice clothes and looked after himself.

Now this new fella the ubersexual no matter how they try to discribe him, is still another guy.
He is still no different from you or me or any other guy that I know, and we all do those things discribed the the above article to varying degrees.
You can’t lump people together into a category and just give them a name, well you can, but your not supposed to. 🙂

All that is happening is that marketing companies and media machines are taking what makes us different and what defines us as men and slapping a name on it. When essentially it’s indefinable in the first place.

It is what makes us different and and what defines us as a person that makes us attractive to others.

Not the fact the we belong to a sub-group of a gender.

Uber along with Metro were men created by companies to once agian sell to the herd.
And you know what, they will buy it like the bought the last one.

I’m glad that I don’t buy it.

Truth be told males haven’t changed one bit, we have always been what we are, we like what we like and we do what we do.
I don’t believe we need some name to tell us that either.