For those that know MediaWatch is one of those must see shows that I try to catch every week and if not I see it on the internet.

I think that it is important that news should be news and not backed by some agenda, unbiased and trustworthy.
This is often not the case and can be very hard to find considering how big and influential media companies can be, granted we aren’t as big as some other countries but do remember that Rupert Murdoch was born and raised here.

Now some of our big 3 media players are trying to get a slice of one of our better run broadcasting stations that run in Asia.
I would highly recommend that you go and watch or read this article.
Sky’s push for Asian subsidy

A few quotes:

So why was ABC boss Russell Balding being given the opportunity to spruik the ABC’s Asia Pacific Television Service?

Well because some of the most powerful media players in Australia have been bagging it behind his back.

They want to take it off the ABC, along with the $18 and a half million dollars a year that Foreign Affairs pays to fund it.

But everyone is again being coy about spelling out exactly who is involved.