For those that don’t know schools in Kansas, America will now be required to teach this:

Science teachers will now be required to instruct their students that evolutionary theory is not proven, and will have to add that life is in fact so complex, it could not have arisen without the involvement of some external agent, or higher power.

In my own humble opinion I firmly believe that religion has no place in science, the two are at complete polar opposites, not to say that religion has no place in society it does, just not science.

This is probably one of the craziest things that I have heard, why you may ask, well for anyone with half a brain will realise that “Intelligent Design” is just the creationism theory repacked, they just don’t mention God, but it’s fairly easy to see through the vail. If you look up any definition of the theory you will notice that they clearly make this agent as ambiguous as possible as not to incite the fact that they are pointing towards a higher being.

Intelligent Design supporters may say that the evolution theory is not complete but at least science doesn’t pass the buck and say “we don’t know how to explain this so will will just chalk it up to a higher being, because it’s just too complex” no science says “the theory isn’t complete but it’s the best fit and has the best explanation, until we find another one which we are always working on”

Any self respecting scientist knows, and I agree with them, that the evolution theory, along with natural selection, is the most comprehensive explanation of how life on this planet has reached its present stage, until a time comes when another theory backed by tangible evidence and repeatable experiments the evolution theory is the strongest explanation that we have.

And George Bush seems to be part of it as well probably pushing his evangelistic ideals again

Kansas Science Standards
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It’s a good thing that they board that decided to teach this nonsense good voted off.

This is certainly something that I hope never happens anywhere where I live.

I know that what I have said sounds like a complete rant, but it just made me angry.
An I assure you that i’m not bible basher either, I’m one of those people who makes it to Church every week but I also base my world around scientific theories and explinations, because tangibility is the best way to prove something, not blind faith.