Finally something to shout about, while I was doing some random searching I stumbled upon this GoodBye squirrelmail, Hello RoundCube


After reading that It lead me to the RoundCube
Basically it’s a Web based IMAP client and unlike Squirrlemail it has a fantastic interface.
In terms of web IMAP clients there is little choice out there and kudos to Squirrlemail, they do have a good product but something needed to be done about the interface it just didn’t hold up.

I think that we might have Google to thank but probably more specifically Gmail with it’s AJAX interface and then Yahoo following suit with it’s interface and the Yahoo Photo Mail (need internet explorer)

I’m just happy that there is something else out there to try, and considering that it’s still in alpha release i’m estatic with it, i think that it’s fantastic.

There is one more webmail client that i will try out, ilohamail seems promising but we will see how it goes.

The internet has been a buzz about RoundCubeMail as well and rightly so, I think that this is defiently one opensource product to keep and eye on. I certainly will be.

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