I have become aware of the proper defination of ‘hard working’ or ‘working hard’ I suppose I always thought that the harder that you work, the more that gets done. But this is not the case as I have found out.

There is so much more to it other than just putting your head down and working. There are the relationships that are built but also your perception as a worker can also be dependent on how you fit in with the team.

I kept my head down and worked, because that’s the way I know now to get things done, how to complete projects and produce results. Consequently it was also another way to loose sleep and stress more. Maybe in another time or another company being tired would be a badge of honor but these days I doubt that.

I have quickly learned that being tired = non-productive, so instead of trying to hammer out that report at the end of the day I’m going home getting rest and coming in early the next day and doing a better job.

While I’m an advocate of the ‘head down bum up’ work ethic, I’m becoming aware that it might not be percieved as the best method. I occasionaly put in the odd 10 – 12 hour day, this might be fine in some cases but I wouldn’t want my peers to think that I’m incompetent and have to work long hours to keep up.

My two big reasons for changing my attitude towards work hours and how I work.