Do you walk? To work, competitively, home, to the station, bus or just after work because you want to.

I don’t walk, I don’t really like it and I find it slow and boring. But quite a few people at work have gotten together to take on something called the Global Corporate Challenge (GCC), a quick warning that the website sucks, slow flash and badly designed.

Now I’m walking more, not because I enjoy walking but I suppose to try to be competitive. I heard that 10,000 steps per day is the quota to be healthy. I have heard of those that are clocking up 25,000 per day which is a lot of steps. I have noticed a problem though, walking everywhere is great, even if it is freezing cold outside, walking in a business suit. Also active walking can work up a sweat, turning up at a meeting or to the start of the day sweating isn’t what I’m after.

It is though a fair indicator of how much I don’t get around, even if I don’t reach the magical 25,000 steps mark I’ll try to aim for 10,000