Today is the day that I start, I have been lazy for too long and I have made all the excuses in the world but it has to start sometime and now is better than any time before and anytime to come.

  • I no longer sleep well
  • I am loosing concentration at work
  • My eating patterns are unstable
  • I cannot control what I eat
  • Cravings are driving me crazy
  • I’m in danger or not fitting into suits
  • My immune systems isn’t as strong as it used to be
  • I am out of breath more often
  • Constant headaches

I should have done this years ago when I tried the gym workouts but couldn’t stick with it and I’m going to try again. I have to get a food right otherwise none of it is going to work, I have make a habit of exercise otherwise it is in vain.


  • Weight: 92 Kg
  • Pants Size: 36/38 Inches 92/98 cm
  • Waist (belly button): 106 cm
  • Chest: 105 cm

The area that worries me the most is by waist, this has to drop or my health risks will continue.

I will start today, not by drastic exercise or a fad diet, but by just saying that today is the day that I have to begin.