There are quite a few times that I miss haveing my camera around, I mostly don’t carry it because it can be a pain to carry if I already have a work bag and a suit. I try to make an effort one or two days a week usually on a Monday or Friday.

Doing this means that I miss out on rare opportunties like today. Walking out of the office and just missed a bit of a shower or drizzle but looking up towards to the Paris end of Collins Street I saw one really strong rainbow, there was another but the colour was weaker.

It wasn’t just the rainbow that was stunning, the light was this light sepia colour everywhere, the air had this great wet fresh smell about, the clouds around the rainbow that this look like someone had dragged a rake across the snow.

I wish that I had my camera to capture that moment and the sight, I couldn’t describe it well enough which is why I take photos and not write poetry.
Hopefully I’ll get that chance again.