So I haven’t come very far, I have only myself to blame.

Should I try again or try a different strategy, most of the mistakes I’ve made and tried to fix I’ve done on my own without the intervention of others. I doubt that this is going to be any different.
I have thought about getting a gym buddy or someone to help me with food (my biggest problem) but this thought faded quickly. I just don’t like the idea of anyone helping me or having someone to rely on…or is it rely on me.

My main moment of weakness is dinner, I come home after work and desperately hungry and just start eating food. I have noticed a pattern though and this may come and no surprise, the worse my sleep the worse my eating. This morning I got up late and skipped breakfast, ate too much for lunch. The only upside is that I didn’t get hungry in the afternoon like I normally do.

I think that I’ll get a soup for dinner as this should tide me over until I have to go to sleep.


  • Weight: 93 Kg
  • Waist: 106 cm
  • Chest: 105 cm