Wow, now that was tough. I actual week were I didn’t get home till after 11pm, I had dinner at work, I didn’t see my fiance for 3 whole days. I actually felt like that I had made it to the corporate life, the life that I had always seen and heard about. The one where people give up almost everything for work.

It’s amazing how dedicated some people can be and it became evident that I can be that dedicated, the couple of weeks that I have been doing this I realised the amount that people are prepared to give up for little gain.

I had been convinced to do this due the the great exposure and experience that I would get, I hated it at first. The mundane work, long hours and the exposure and experience that I wasn’t getting.

I stuck with it, the dinner at work, 15 hour days, 60 hour weeks. I don’t know if  made an impression or not but I”m leaving now because I couldn’t handle the work and I wanted to go back where it was easy.

Go back where it was easy, that part I don’t like, the part where I might have given up because it all got too hard. I don’t know how this will effect me in the future but I hope that I made the right decision.