The fiance (former g/f) is a teacher, but a teacher for autistic kids. It’s one of those things that you fall into, I don’t think that she chose it per say but she seems to like it…I think.

While my job may not be a teachers job in the way that I look after or teach people things, I like to think that I face my own stress as well. When seriously compared (or she is a better story teller) my things don’t matter. It’s amazing how your problems can seem the worst in the world and then when someone else puts them in perspective with their story. Stories of kids going crazy in the classroom, parents dealing with the mentally disabled children and the general teacher gossip that goes around.

I wondering what it would be like teaching children, everyone things that they would be good, I’m sure that I would be alright but who knows. Not me, I’m actually quite scared of children…well teaching them…parenting them. I like the bit where you can take them have fun with them and give them back. There is none of that with teaching, you have to be tough and kind as well.

I wonder what she would be like in my job, the daily stress of last minute requests, the strategy meetings, the juggling multiple projects, the pressure of the projects the constant meetings.

It’s amzing the amount of misgiving that people from different professions have about each other is amazing, I admit that I was one of those that would tease teachers from afar, but now having the experice of living with one makes me realise how much they actually go though. To be fair listening the primary/junior secondary school kids on the train maked me want to tape their mouths shut and staple their bags to them. I couldn’t possibly deal with because of a profession – I have a hard enough time dealing with the animals that I work with.

It’s with this same perspective that I look at all other people with a jobs – waiters, cooks, lawyers, train drivers, police, trades people – they all deal with the stress of their own type.