It’s raining I’m at the station waiting for a train which has just been cancelled. It’s cold, bitterly cold, coldest day so far for the year. I look up and down the platform and see a thinly spread group of people I think to myself ‘this doesn’t seem to bad, there aren’t that many people, I should be OK for a seat’. Time slips by and more and more potential passengers arrive and platfrom begins to fill and my previous thoughts of a seat or even a spacious ride begin to look doubtful.

I keep forgetting that this is the about the time that seemily millions of school children also board the train. The train arrives, the rain is coming down and the wind is blowing.

We board the train, I find a spot where I can stand, get my book out and begin to read, as we pass station after station it becomes apparent that the previously cancelled train has begun to take it’s tool

A women turns a head, another gets a faceful of hair, a man tries to read with another persons’ hand in front of their face holding onto the bar, eveyone contends with school kids and their backpacks being thrown around as theyswish around like water as the train makes it’s journey.

The train is full again and we are all uncomfortable.