It’s been a long day at work and I’m at Richmond station about to board the train home, looking forward to reading my book ‘Dreams of my father’ which I had almost finished, it’s a good book so far, many insights and new thoughts, but there is a lady sitting a couple of rows ahead of me with a radiant smile something that I haven’t seen on someone in a while. A smile that seems to have been on her for a little while, she wasn’t looking at anything just staring out the window and smiling slowly and carefully thumbing a mobile phone looking like she was itching to make a phone call.

Soon enough a phone call is made and a conversation beings with a very excited voice, going over the details of the night before. It was a date, a first date with a guy that she had met through a friend of a friend. She was good looking, not a model but certainly someone that wouldn’t have trouble getting drinks at a bar or club, it certainly sounded like she had difficulty finding the right type of guy before, if not someone interesting it was someone that would treat her the way she wanted.

From the sounds of it, this guy was an interesting fellow himself, “he was so full of life, such a zest of light I have never seen before” and not a bad looker himself  “he wasn’t stunning but he was good looking, like he had got around bit, he likes spending time outdoors and can’t find anyone to spend that time with” and they had run into each other before “we went to the same uni and did the same courses, I knew his brother but not him, we talked about our favorite lectures, subjects and places around the uni”

It was interesting conversation the whole time with her face set in a constant state of happiness such that I couldn’t concentrate on my book, after a little while I put the book down and pulled out the notes on World War II that I had been slowing going through, this required less concentration and could be easily skimmed.

“we are looking forward to seeing each other again, he was so nice, it was nice to finally meet someone that I can get along with so easily”

She hung up the phone and begun twirling the mobile phone again in her hands, almost waiting to make another phone call and tell someone else the story again.