So staying true to my new year resolutions I’ve done none of them…well I’m approaching them slower than I thought I would. I have done the health kick thing, if I have learned anything from my past attempts is that I have to do changes slowly instead of a big bang approach.

They have worked, changing breakfast from anything-that-I-can-eat-in-a-hurry to oats and honey in the morning has kept me full at lunchtime. Cooked chicken and salad/pita for lunch with a protein snake at about 3pm has keep my energy levels up longer than normal.

But my biggest problem is also my most fatal, will and determination is that seems to be holding me back, that when things go crazy for a bit (fight with the partner, tough work day) I let my guard down and let the food in. It is this excat problem which has lead me to this predicment in the first place. It’s this realisation that I’ve ready many times and seen more often that not which has finally dawned on me.

This will be harder than I thought.