I enjoy reading on the train, it makes the journey seem short and painless as painless as a public transport journey can be.

I have learned these days that it pays to pick the people whom I sit next to, I myself am quite tall and the long legs doesn’t help in a crowded train. So I tend to sit opposite people with shorter legs which makes the journey easier for both of us.

This day I chose to sit next to 3 noisy friends, the girl next to me and the 2 guys opposite me. I’ve never had my ear hurt by someone talking, but she was loud enough speaking of her dodgy friends and horrid workmates. The guys opposite her wrapped in every word that she said, clearly having nothing to say, they continued onward never the less in this round about conversation touching and leaving the same topics over and over again.

I wasn’t able to get through my book like I normally do, I have something else to watch out for next time that I get on the tain.