Sunday 9th September

It was a normal sort of weekend; too much to do, I had planned to do work but in the end didn’t get to it, spent time with Liz, didn’t get time for exercise. I had been wanting to go for a run for a while but never got around to it, but this time everything seemed OK. The weather was good it wasn’t too late and I felt good. I put everything on, decided on a route and off I went.

It was a pretty normal run I took a shorter route running through the lake, but half way around it in so I ended up going up the hill on the side furthest away, it was a hill that I had done before and either didn’t make it all the way up or had to stop at the top and walk. This time I made it all the way up but walked at the top, for shorter than normal. I was off again, I finish the blow going down Blackburn road, up Waverley rd and then finally down Springvale road so that I ended up at one of the Booran Ave entrances, walking as a cool down the rest of the way home.

The run its self was better than normal, I had done 5.4 km in 32 min. this was the best time that I had done for that distance. I had concentrated on keeping my sholders low, keeping a good rythem and making sure that I was using the right technique with my body and feet. I felt sore, very sore, but this was expected. It was a the first time that I had run in a couple of months. I stretched out, had dinner and then went to bed.

Feeling confident from the run on Sunday I wanted to attack the karate class and up my training load, I felt that I really needed to get my cardio going in order to make the grading and in particular the kumite section of the grading. I was moving OK, but getting tired, I took a few hits to the leg but in general par for the course I didn’t expect to do amazing but I was OK, recovering well. Again my legs were sore but nothing out of the ordinary, I thew a few kicks, and did a lot of lateral movement.
The fact that my legs were sore should have been the first thing that told me that I had to rest up and make sure that I was healed up.

I decided that I was too sore to do anything so I skipped the gym session

I was still sore but this time woke up with a strange pain and strain in my right hip flexor and groin. I put it down to a small sprain and thought that if I warmed up I would be OK. I rubbed some of marks’ voltarn on it and hoped that it would help. I got through the class which included kicks, not a great idea in the end.

By the time that I woke up on Thursday I realised that something was seriously wrong, I was limping badly and there was a lot of pain in any sort of movement that meant lifting my leg. Particularly hard was walking, with a normal stride, getting in and out of the car and moving my leg while sitting down.

I tried to get my normal physio’s but they were all busy. I finally called the ANZ physio’s because I had been there before. I went and saw a guy called Josh. He looked at me and did’t really tell me what I had but did some dry needling (a more agressive type where they would stick the needle in and then twitch the muscle so that it would move the release, it was more painful but didn’t last as long) to release the muscles. I was still limping when I walked out but he told me that I should be OK by monday when I saw him next. I was to take pain killers and anti inflammatory medication.
That night I had a session with Moses, which I should have cancelled but I went ahead with it anyway, because I didn’t want to bail on him, the hip hurt but I tried to keep it light and used my opposite stance which didn’t put too much pressure on the pain.

I didn’t do a great deal this day, I tried standing for most of the day which helped but in the end my back on sore. I tried not to sit for too long but that didn’t so much difference either.
I went to bed as the next day I was helping with grading the juniors.

I was helping with the grading, while I wasn’t running around a great deal, just trying to drive the car with the break and accelator was difficult. I was using the massage stick the whole time to try to release some of the muscles in my quads that were tight and causing pain in my knee.
I went shopping with Liz afterwards, I don’t think that we did anything that night.

Liz had wanted to go to the South Melbourne market so we went along to that, I took some pain killers and was able to survive the day. Annette had told me about me hydro therapy and that it could help, I thought that it would be a good idea as I was well beyond 72 hours from the injury and ice didn’t seem to be doing much – even though I didn’t give it a real good go.
The water therapy was good, I felt better, I could move a bit more I thought that this might be the start of it getting better.

I woke up and felt worse if not any better at all. I called as soon as I could to see Josh and see what he thought. I explained how my past few days had gone since I had seen him. He wasn’t very impressed at all and let me know it. He seemed angry and was quite strict about the advice that he had given me.

We went through some muscle release, again with the needles and then gave me some movements that I could do. But I choose not to do them.

It was at this point that Josh suggested that I have a Hip Impingement, he let me go after that.

I went back and looked up the details and wasn’t happy with what I saw.