I’ve been to a few funerals, but this one got me thinking more than the others.
The main reason being that Aunty P is the first of us to have come here as migrants to die.
A grandmother already when she arrived and was able to live to 93 and see great grand children, her daughter is a close family member of ours and has been a constant in my life and in the lives of my parents.

I remember many weekends most memorably new year’s eve and those times that my parents went for dinner dances. We were dropped off at one family’s house with my grandmother and aunty p. I don’t remember what we did, it might have been mostly watching tv or playing some game or another and they would “look after us”. The babysitting that they didn’t wasn’t that involved and I think as i’ve gotten older I realise that it was as much something for the grandmothers to do as much as someone to be there while the children were around.

No matter, she formed a significant part of my childhood, as I’ve grown older I started to see her less. For two reasons, I was older and formed my own circle/life, second her own failing health had meant that she wasn’t around as often most of the time in the nursing home.

The funeral was sad for the reason that she is the first of us to go, and this probably marks the beginning of the births and deaths. The time difference between the latest granddaughter birth and her death in a matter of weeks.

It has caused me to reflect not on my mortality but the mortality of my own grandmother and parents, as they get on in age, and how their health affects them. I need to place a greater importance on their health and what they are doing about it, I”m not sure where I’m going to find the time with everything going on.