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Trying to find direction without a map


Me: 20something, Male, Geek, Confused, Curious, over analysing. Loves: Books, Tech, Movies, socialising. Mostly: Unorganised, Last Minute, Messy.

The first of us

I’ve been to a few funerals, but this one got me thinking more than the others. The main reason being that Aunty P is the first of us to have come here as migrants to die. A grandmother already when she arrived and was able to live to 93 and see great grand children, her daughter is a close family member of ours and has been a constant in my.. Read More


I attended a funeral on Monday 18th. A close friend of mine had their father pass away after a long strugge with demintia. As they always say it’s is very sad but then again happy that the suffering has ended. What was more poignant for me in this sense is that this may be the turning point were the weddings tend to drop off and while the baptisms and younger.. Read More

The day that I lost my hip

Sunday 9th September It was a normal sort of weekend; too much to do, I had planned to do work but in the end didn’t get to it, spent time with Liz, didn’t get time for exercise. I had been wanting to go for a run for a while but never got around to it, but this time everything seemed OK. The weather was good it wasn’t too late and I felt.. Read More

Man’s Search for Meaning

A quote from the book I’m reading: The observations of this one case and the conclusion drawn from them are in accordance with something that was drawn to my attention by the chief doctor of our concentration camp. The death rate in the week between Christmas, 1944, and New Year’s, 1945, increased in camp beyond all previous experience. In his opinion, the explanation of this increase did not lie in the harder.. Read More

Hospital, Into the Wild and a Journal

Saturday 17th October, this is a day when two things happened which forced a third thing to happen. My grandma went to hospital There was something wrong with her white blood cell count. We went to see her but I was nervous this was the first time in a long time that she has been in there for something serious. By the time that we got there she had been.. Read More

The transportation rule

When going to to see friends it will depend on which friend we are going to see to determine who will drive. Standard logical rule that I believe has always existed: My friend then I drive to and from venue. Her friend then she will drive to and from the venue. Actual rule that does exist: No matter where we are going I will always drive, if it is my.. Read More

The draft printing rule

When printing documents that are only required for reference you must use the draft printing feature. This will ensure that we save as much ink as possible. Time since ink cartridges were bought: 6 months