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Trying to find direction without a map


Do birthdays deserve a day off work? I had taken a day off for your birthday, but I wasn’t happy about it. I know that they are important and some people really do enjoy them and that fine by me but I don’t place much importance in them. I think that days off are fine when you have a casual job and when you are younger, lets say under 22, but.. Read More

The Weather Man

The Weather Man is a story about a man who wants everything but his life seems to be spinning out of control. I think that Nicholas Cage likes playing troubled characters, I remember see The Family Man and I think that even his other most recent Lord of War is another movie where the character that he plays seem sometimes conflicted with what he is doing. The movie can seem boring.. Read More

New data transmission record – 60 DVDs per second

Commonwealth Games

I know that it’s a once in a lifetime chance to go and see some of the games events, one of the major reasons was that I didn’t have enough money after I got back from my overseas trip, but then I also didn’t take note of the free events that I would have been able to get to. And as is typical of me, I have left going to.. Read More

A Game of Thrones

At the end of the book in the acknowledgments section there is this line “The devil is in the details” This book certainly has a immense amount of details beginning at the characters and the world that they live in. The story telling and the character development is subtly effective, one minute a new character is introduced the next you feel like you already know them. For me the story.. Read More

Today to joined the community music thing that people seemed to have been talking about it. One of the guys at work showed me what he was using it for and his playlist and I was impressed, so i thought that I should give it ago. I have added my playlist to the bottom on this front page of this blog, it will probably take a little while for.. Read More


I got the chance to go and see Hitch the movie at the moonlight cinema, which in it’s self is a great experience when it is a great night. Normally when ever we have gone we always get troubled with people smoking and them those that bring either those beach chairs or the normal fold out chairs, never mind that you are blocking other peoples views or that there is.. Read More


Today is my birthday, I have turned 23. I probably shouldn’t be depressed but I am, well not actually depressed but more disappointed and I have to be growing up now and I don’t particularly want to. Not so much that I’m childish but I like where I am at now and it’s a shame that I have to start wondering about the future complexities of life. There is also.. Read More

The Croft Institute

Finally got the chance to go and check out The Croft Institute, i had heard so much about it, getting there was interesting and questionable at times but fear is alleviated when you reach the end of the ally and you find it there. The first floor is the most interesting part of the venue with the beakers and test tubes and various other laboratory equipment, I liked it because.. Read More