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Trying to find direction without a map

Melbourne Wireless

Melbourne Wireless is a community wireless project that aims to develop a cost effective wireless network spanning as much as melbourne as possible. I have been kind of involved in the project for some years but never really got practically involved, hopefully until now. I have started buying gear for the setup, but then I got up on the roof and hit a bit of a wall, it looks like.. Read More

Photos From Trip

I have uploaded some of the photos from my trip, it has been a bit of a pain trying to sort them all out but I think that I have done the best that I can for the moment. Anyway so far there are only photos from Europe But there is also Avignon, Nice, Barcelona, Sorento, Valencia and England I had kept a little travel journel on my journey just.. Read More

The Angry Man

I have a friend ( I use that word these days rather loosely) who doesn’t seem to like me very much, why the dislike is a completely different matter all together, which might I add is┬ácompletely unfounded. We don’t talk anymore, which I suppose is fine by me, because we never got along in the first place, I like to think that this wasn’t my fault. I believe that I.. Read More

Future of Media

I know that this might not come true, but I found it fascinating non the less. I thought that the conclusions they draw to be rather commonsense and even if they are a little off course there have been so many changes throughout the internet that no one was able to predict. Either way there isn’t much more to say about it, besides watching the the presentation. EPIC I am.. Read More


Well I have returned from my trip. I know that I haven’t updated the site in a while, the server died while I was away and I couldn’t do anything about it. There should be a few updates coming along shortly with a few things about what I did on my time away. In other news, good have released yet another product! Let you create you own webpages dynamically.. Read More

London Calling

London is different but the same, i’m not to sure how else to describe it. It is probably going to be easier to get around here than other countries because of the language barrier, but the culture and demographic is different to what i know. It is a shame that the weather isn’t great though. I haven’t got too much time today, and I am unable to upload any pictures,.. Read More

Itchy Feet

My Itchy Feet Things are packed Bag on my shoulder Excited thoughts, rather abstract I realise on my return I will be a global roamer As I look out the window and see the world pass beneath my feet The engines roar as i sit in my seat. I am full of excitement as i try to attempt my greatest feat. Leaving home can be oh so ever bitter sweet… Read More

1 Day to go

It’s not long before I leave, I am a little excited, but more nervous. I think that this is because I still involving my self in the organisation process that is happening particularly with getting my pack ready and making sure that I don’t forget anything. Once I hit the airport and I can’t don’t want to turn back the excitement will really kick in. I suppose that being out.. Read More


I have an occasionaly odd hobby, well I’m not too sure that it’s a hobby. When ever I get the chance I like to oberve human interaction, in particular that between men and women because of course it’s the most intrigusing…