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Trying to find direction without a map

I’m free

I have finally free from the shakles of my exams and Uni. I had my last exam today, not be best but my last. All that needs to be done now is concentrate on the trip to France. I’m off to a party tonight to celebrate a little bit. There will be some interesting scenes tonight that should be funny to comment on.

Intelligent Design

I don’t know if anyone from Australia has heard, but the Kansas State Board of Education in America has been debating and just passed a new education regime to teach “Inteligent Design” alongside the Evolution theory. Update: The same board got voted off.

RoundCube Mail

Finally something to shout about, while I was doing some random searching I stumbled upon this GoodBye squirrelmail, Hello RoundCube After reading that It lead me to the RoundCube Basically it’s a Web based IMAP client and unlike Squirrlemail it has a fantastic interface. In terms of web IMAP clients there is little choice out there and kudos to Squirrlemail, they do have a good product but something needed to.. Read More

2 Down

Well I’ve got two exams down now and there are two more to go. Also there are some decisions to be made about France considering the current state that it’s in.

Sky News Australia

The previous post got me thinking about something I saw on MediaWatch a little while ago. I know that it’s a little old but people should know about this particulary those in Australia becase we have a right to know, either do something about it or don’t but don’t blame ignorance.

End of the World

It looks like the google servers are falling off the internet, not only here in Australia but other places too. digg What do we do now. Is this the end as we know it. UPDATE: Looks like it was a DNS problem. Here: Google (NOT) Hacked? Just A DNS Glitch says Google My faith never wavered for a minute.


It’s that time of the year again…exams. I hate it because…well it sucks, there is so much pressure involved. I also tend to stall and draw blanks when it comes to recalling information in the middle or critical exams so I don’t preform so well either. To be perfectly honest it’s also the time of the year where I realise how much work I haven’t been doing and how much.. Read More

iTunes Australia

Finally it’s here iTunes Music Store comes to Australia and iTunes Store It took forever, and still Sony BMG isn’t on board, from stories a few months back Apple have been saying that Australia have been the hardest to deal with in terms of getting iTunes online.

Not Again

Metrosexual man bows to red-blooded übersexuals When are people going to learn not to listen to the media and marketing companies to sell products, because that’s all that they do. Look what the metrosexual craze did, it just sold more clothes and skin care products for men. Correct me if i’m wrong but women didn’t actually like the metrosexual, it was only men that like him. The metrosexual might have.. Read More