Vacant Mind

Trying to find direction without a map

Energy Stores

While doing some research I found this out, the reason for the research is a completely different matter altogetther. I thought that this was interesting: During exerciese you body calls up glycogen as an energy source and also fat. For low intensity exercise such as jogging, you body mainly uses fat and glycogen for fuel. But when the exercise gets longer, say 20 minutes or more the stores of this.. Read More

Tram Ride

I was on the tram to Uni today and as soon as I got on I promplty found my self a window seat and sat down, when there came a loud rumbling out of the back of the tram as I tilted my head to see where this strange noise came from I noticed an over-weight man sitting down somehwere near the ticket machine. But not just overweight, but grotesquely.. Read More


A Comparison of Solaris, Linux, and FreeBSD Kernels A good read if you are interested in that sort of thing. It looks like the MI6 have opened their first website here if you interested there are also career opportunities available. I think that I might check that out when I finish. These two articles: /2005/10/14/1128796706691.html and both represent, well what i think, the wrong way to think about.. Read More

Thanks for the Memories

I caught up with some friends from my former place of employment, I went along because it was also a celebration for another employee, who had also quit and decided to throw a party in honour of leaving, which when you think about it isn’t a bad idea.

Virtual Tickets

I picked up my tickets for my overseas trip. I have no ticket book as such, it’s more of a virtual thing, so all i have is my itinerary and my passport. Which when I think about it is a little better, because loosing my ticket won’t be as big a hassle, cause I can just print it out again. It can fold up eaiser to fit into my money.. Read More

Top Science Photos

After looking at the photo’s of the Giant Squid and the Python vs. Alligator (Clearly a draw) I also found this link to the top Photos in science. I was particulary scared of the Cancer one. Cancer

Body Double

I had recently joined a gym and been there a couple of weeks, after which time I had attended various hours of the day I have actually meet other gym gooers that I know. After a few chats I started to notice a trend, apparently they all had thought that they had seen me previously at said gym many months before. To which I responded “I’ve only been here 3.. Read More