Vacant Mind

Trying to find direction without a map

Train Stories #3

I enjoy reading on the train, it makes the journey seem short and painless as painless as a public transport journey can be. I have learned these days that it pays to pick the people whom I sit next to, I myself am quite tall and the long legs doesn’t help in a crowded train. So I tend to sit opposite people with shorter legs which makes the journey easier.. Read More

The man with 4 brothers who are all different

I sighed and exhaled audibly through my mouth, internally it was a sign of my frustration and nervousness, I had an job interview later that day and was a little worried trying to remember everything that I studied. The guy sitting next to me asked ‘sounds like you have a tough day?’ I responded with ‘nar, just a long one mate, that’s all’ I noticed that he had an interesting.. Read More

The health kick

So staying true to my new year resolutions I’ve done none of them…well I’m approaching them slower than I thought I would. I have done the health kick thing, if I have learned anything from my past attempts is that I have to do changes slowly instead of a big bang approach. They have worked, changing breakfast from anything-that-I-can-eat-in-a-hurry to oats and honey in the morning has kept me full.. Read More

Train stories #2

It’s been a long day at work and I’m at Richmond station about to board the train home, looking forward to reading my book ‘Dreams of my father’ which I had almost finished, it’s a good book so far, many insights and new thoughts, but there is a lady sitting a couple of rows ahead of me with a radiant smile something that I haven’t seen on someone in a.. Read More

School packed train

It’s raining I’m at the station waiting for a train which has just been cancelled. It’s cold, bitterly cold, coldest day so far for the year. I look up and down the platform and see a thinly spread group of people I think to myself ‘this doesn’t seem to bad, there aren’t that many people, I should be OK for a seat’. Time slips by and more and more potential.. Read More

The trouble with good neighbours

So it was a big night, an unexpected big night. I got home late, when I wasn’t supposed to, I had told the fiance with every good intention that I would be home earlier than the 5 hours that I actually got home by taxi. I had driven the car to the station that night because I to believe that I would be home by 9pm. So when I got.. Read More

Busy Trains

I know that people harp on about the crowded, late and generally rubbish service of Melbourne’s train network, but I’ve got another complaint that is more close to my heart, and like the normal problems I’ve had to compensate to work my way around it. School children…hundreds of them, unavoidable, loud, obnoxis, intrusive, space hogs. They are everywhere and they take up so much space, funnily enough the girls tend.. Read More

New Year Resolutions

I’m sure that everyone is doing them, so why not me: Sell a print or digital of one of my photographs Do more photography, I enjoy it and find it relaxing, so why not Loose 10kg, get to size 34 pants, 15% body fat Start a small home business (photography or computer fix/repair) Get a job that I want Find and buy into a managed fun that has regular savings.. Read More

Job Swapping

The fiance (former g/f) is a teacher, but a teacher for autistic kids. It’s one of those things that you fall into, I don’t think that she chose it per say but she seems to like it…I think. While my job may not be a teachers job in the way that I look after or teach people things, I like to think that I face my own stress as well… Read More

60 hour week

Wow, now that was tough. I actual week were I didn’t get home till after 11pm, I had dinner at work, I didn’t see my fiance for 3 whole days. I actually felt like that I had made it to the corporate life, the life that I had always seen and heard about. The one where people give up almost everything for work. It’s amazing how dedicated some people can.. Read More