Vacant Mind

Trying to find direction without a map

What can I do in 3 hours?

Nothing. Well to be honest almost nothing. Let’s get a little more detailed shall we. I get home about at 6.30 pm (on average), anytime between now and 7.45 pm is dinner (cooking and eating). I clean up after dinner which will normally take me to about 8.00 pm, and then I’ll clean up and get ready for the next day (shower/shave/clothes). It’s now 8.30 pm, here is where the.. Read More

Living together

Who would have thought that living together would have been so hard, well most people I guess I just didn’t think about it. I probably should have I don’t know why I thought that it would have been easy, living out of each other pockets was never going to be easy, I realised this at the point when we started commenting on each others toilet habits, that’s about when it.. Read More

Anxiety Attacks

I’ve never had one before, I’m a pretty relaxed guy. I don’t let too much phase me nor to I take many things to heart. Altough recent problems with the new fiance has meant that I’ve begun to stress a lot more than I used to.  I’ve started to have a very uneasy stomach, with it causing lots of discomfort, I’ve also had a lot of chest pain on the.. Read More

Not much progress

So I haven’t come very far, I have only myself to blame. Should I try again or try a different strategy, most of the mistakes I’ve made and tried to fix I’ve done on my own without the intervention of others. I doubt that this is going to be any different. I have thought about getting a gym buddy or someone to help me with food (my biggest problem) but.. Read More

Seen only once

There are quite a few times that I miss haveing my camera around, I mostly don’t carry it because it can be a pain to carry if I already have a work bag and a suit. I try to make an effort one or two days a week usually on a Monday or Friday. Doing this means that I miss out on rare opportunties like today. Walking out of the.. Read More

My New Body

Today is the day that I start, I have been lazy for too long and I have made all the excuses in the world but it has to start sometime and now is better than any time before and anytime to come. I no longer sleep well I am loosing concentration at work My eating patterns are unstable I cannot control what I eat Cravings are driving me crazy I’m.. Read More

Global Corporate Challenge

Do you walk? To work, competitively, home, to the station, bus or just after work because you want to. I don’t walk, I don’t really like it and I find it slow and boring. But quite a few people at work have gotten together to take on something called the Global Corporate Challenge (GCC), a quick warning that the website sucks, slow flash and badly designed. Now I’m walking more,.. Read More

Working with others

I’m not sure about the whole team work thing, I’ve had a horrid couple of weeks trying to get a group together to get a project started and running. Everything I have tired hasn’t worked and they just aren’t motivated. I don’t know how to motivate zombies, is it even possible. Uni has all been about ‘working with others’ and you will never work along and always in a group… Read More

Working Hard

I have become aware of the proper defination of ‘hard working’ or ‘working hard’ I suppose I always thought that the harder that you work, the more that gets done. But this is not the case as I have found out. There is so much more to it other than just putting your head down and working. There are the relationships that are built but also your perception as a.. Read More