Vacant Mind

Trying to find direction without a map

Corporate Life

Many things have changed over the course of this year. I now have more of a spine I have realised that I’m not as intelligent as I thought I was That people are the most variable factor is anything that you do Face to Face conversations are more important Integrity doesn’t win you friends You are judged, not matter what you do How did I learn all of this…my new.. Read More

Obsession with Japan

It seems that my obsession with Japan is set to continue, since returning I was thinking of starting up Taiko (Japanese Drumming)  & learning japense as well. Now there is something else that I might be set to attend. The Japan Festival is being held in the later part of May and is set to showcase a lot of popular culture about Japan. The only question that I have is.. Read More

The story of 3 train lines

I have had the fortunate ability to have traveled on 3 (possibly 5) different train lines. Glen Waverley Belgrave/Lilydale Carnbourne/Packenham They are listed by the way in order of the one that I want to travel. I have always used the Glen Waverley line because it was closet to home, but recently I’ve had the chance to house sit closer to two different train lines. Our train systems really are.. Read More

Traveling Buddies

One of my most enjoyed benefits from my recent trip is the number of friends that I had made along the way. The different experiences that they have brought from their lives into mine has added to the stories that I have in my head and to the experiences that I had overseas. After I left them overseas I was certain that I would never see them again, but I.. Read More

Evil Corporation

Working for a corporation tends to egnite some emotions that I don’t generally like, the most common of them seem to be. “What’s it like working for a evil company?” The general perception that big public financial institutions are evil because they steal money from the public and finance unethical practices isn’t far wrong. In the past they have always gone where the money is, which has often meant funding.. Read More

Favourites from week 13 of 2008

favorite podcasts at Five Public Opinions Top 10 Ways to Build Muscle Mass Fast at Ririan Project From BFS to ZFS: past, present, and future of file systems at Ars Technica How to Stay Healthy While Sitting At Your Desk All Day at Diet Hack

Joint Account

Do you have one? Was it an easy decision? Mine wasn’t. The more people that I tell the more that they caution me that it’s one of the big steps and to look out she will be asking for a ring next (I’ve already encountered that one) My hesitation isn’t complex, it’s quite simple – I didn’t want to be held accountable. I’m great when I need to save for.. Read More

The Sorry Debate

I’m not going to weight to much into the debate about the stolen generation or about sorry day.  I don’t think that I am qualified enough even though I do have feelings about the situation. I am posting this picture of an article that I found int he MX, because it really got me thinking about arguments from both sides of the fence. I hope that you get something out.. Read More

Wage Slave

So now that I’ve got a full time job I am feeling what it is like to work the 40+ a week not having weekends or any free time for that matter. It’s amazing how much time it does suck out of your life, someone told us that work will take up 75% of your time. I suppose what makes the days that much longer is the travel to and.. Read More

My constant state of optimisation

I always seem to be changing things, I can never tell if it is for the better or worse but they are always changing. My room is the best example that I have, consistently throughout this year it will change, things will come and go and be shifted. Already my beloved stereo has moved from it’s place in full view to under the bed to make room for a plastic.. Read More