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Trying to find direction without a map

Leaving Work

I’ve worked there for about 3 years, the longest job that I have had so far, it’s been a great job that I have benefited from in ways that I cannot count and yet I wanted to go, I had to leave because to be honest I couldn’t go any further that I was there wasn’t enough room for me to grow and move. Please be patient while I express.. Read More

6 Links

Close to the corner of Swanston Street and Little Flinders it’s a nice basement bar which some great furniture and good selection of drinks with carlton draught, asahi, pure blonde on tap. To be honest the seating isn’t that great, it’s a little to much form over function but there is enough standing room for it to not matter too much. I didn’t have a camera this night, but they.. Read More

American Gangster

I have been hearing about this movie for quite some time, obviously the advertising has been top notch. I like Denzel as an actor, he can really bring some anger to a role when needed, but I think that this means that he only gets roles of this nature and his anger can get a bit repetivite sometimes but regardless he can really make a movie. After hearing this film.. Read More

I am Legend

I got to see this on the weekend and I must say that I loved it, there was a lady next to me who didn’t like it very much, so much that she turned to me at the end of the night and said “thank god that is over’ I head similar stuff from here through out the movie. I could to an extent understand why the movie was graphic.. Read More

52 Books in 52 Weeks

As part of the up coming new years resolution I wish to read more and be more widly read about the world in general. While doing some research I came across this challenge to read 52 books in 52 weeks It’s a grand plan and one that probably won’t finish, but I plan to give it a go and see what happens, in the absolute hope that I will infact.. Read More

New Years

So every year we have to go through the same old boring routine of finding out what everyone is doing for their NYE celebrations, for the longest time that I can remember no one has ever wanted to go into the city. Probably for good reason, the amount of stories that everyone tells me about how crowded it is and difficult to get a train back home make the prospect.. Read More

I didn’t like you then

With the nearly ubiquitous spread of Facebook, I have noticed a trend that I do not like, besides the complaints of privacy issues. There were people in my school days that I did not speak to for a reason, the reason being that either I didn’t like them, we didn’t have anything in common or we just didn’t talk. What I have noticed now is that a whole lot of.. Read More

No Not Yet

They are dropping like flies, one by one they are making that next step, moving on with their lives and leaving their friends in their wake of maturity and the next stage of their lives. Even the girlfriend is giving me the look of “Well when is it going to be?” “I don’t know, I don’t feel that I’m ready” I say She stares back “Excuse me, not ready we.. Read More

In Japan

Well at least I was in Japan, I no longer am, but wish that I still was. I have always held a long fascination with Japan, the people, culture and history and after coming from India it was a pleasure to be somewhere so quiet, polite and ordered. Everything was clean, everything had a purpose and almost everything had a certain beauty about it that demanded attention. The generosity and.. Read More

In India

It has been a while since I have last wrote and it is worth nothing that I wasn’t going to write on this at all till I got back. But I thought that it would be a waste. I am India currently I wish that I could write more but for the most part I am busy with other things that most people do when they are traveling. It’s a.. Read More